Gediminas Balodas from UAB "Helisota"

Exepron software is one of the best in project management field I ever used (I am working in this field more than 15 years). It is simple yet powerful. Anyone with just basic project management knowledge can start planning a project in minutes and being a cloud based solution it doesn't require any installation. You can even use your smartphone or tablet very conveniently. For organizations ability to see their resource loading is quite an amazing thing to see.
But the most powerful feature of Exepron is how it handles a multi-project environment which is the stumbling stone of almost all project management software including all the giants in the field. Exepron does that with such an ease and user friendliness that it is on the verge of unbelievability.
Here you will also find Enterprise Executive Dashboard for managing large organizations with multiple portfolios (unique feature I haven't seen anywhere else).
For my organization Exepron helped to cut our project lead time in half and market noticed that immediately. Thanks to that we will break our profitability record this year.