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Making Good Management Decisions 1st Edition

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Advanced Multi-Project Management, provides the full details for driving more projects to completion in far less time.

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  • Project Resource Planning

    The Allocation of Resources to accomplish a Portfolio Workload. When managing a Project or a Project Portfolio, it’s critical to correctly distribute resources to accomplish all Project Objectives i a Portfolio of Projects in the shortest and most efficient manner possible. Without proper resource allocation, projects expense and total duration can quickly get out of control. During the Execution phase, information and reports will not provide meaningful intelligence for any realistic decision-

  • PMO How to Set Up a Project Management Office

    The Project Management Office (PMO) remains relevant for effective project management (PM), even if you are running a Manufacturing schedule, Project Portfolio, or Agile and LEAN methodology. PMOs should be a vital key to coordinating the required collaboration across projects large and small, single mega projects, or a portfolio of projects. The PMO continues to have broad utility, even as the PMO is becoming more decentralized and specialized.

  • Getting things Done - Strategy is only as good as the Execution.

    Leadership is often frustrated by Strategies missing their mark and Initiatives having low completion rates. How to improve your 90 Day Initiative Success rate.

  • 5 Reasons to ditch outdated 
Project Management Methods

    Remaining competitive, requires discarding . Successful Businesses no longer apply outdated Project Management (PM) methods. Instead they replace them with advanced Project Portfolio Management (PPM) SaaS Solutions. Exepron is a more powerful PPM Application capable of creating a significant Market Discriminator, by consistently delivering 95% on-time delivery performance.

  • Building Executable Project Plans

    The probability of Success increases with solid preparation. This is absolutely true in Project Management. Incomplete, incorrect or too detailed Project Networks simply cannot produce a good result. Read this foundational white paper on how to build good project networks. Well known authors Kathy Austin and Gerry Kendall have codified a "Best Practice” for Project Managers. Critical Chain projects are particularly successful starting with a great network.

  • CCPM - Assessing the Efficacy and Feasibility

    Why does Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) ignore cost? The three pillars of project management as every project manager is well aware are schedule, scope and cost. They are necessary conditions and the success of a project’s execution will be measured against the planned vis-à-vis actual performance of these three criterions. In a specific project they may be co-equals or one may be more heavily weighted than the others, but make no mistake they are all important and they are all evaluat

  • Critical Chain and Critical Path – What’s the Difference?

    I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that Critical Chain is a paradigm shift in project management practices. What I mean by “paradigm shift” is that the required change in project behavior is so radical that you cannot use your experience to predict the outcome. By Gerald I. Kendall, TOC International.

  • Critical Chain Thinking: Adding the 3rd Dimension

    The development of project management thinking and new techniques has, at times, been slow and deliberate. Read how to break the pattern by adding the 3rd dimension to critical chain project management. By Daniel P. Walsh

  • Critical Chain: Modeling Complex and Large Projects

    This article focuses on the idea of building smaller projects based within a larger project versus having a large project with many variables that can be difficult to comprehend and manage. Learn more about managing complex projects by reading the entire article.

  • Executing Company Strategy Like a Nascar Race

    TOC International's Gerald Kendall explains how the use of Exepron's Critical Chain Project Management software is being used to overcome the behaviors that hinder "Strategy Execution". In addition, he describes how to remove perpetual delays in execution and how the use of Exepron is "like having a personal assistant with us every single day."

  • Master Scheduling with Critical Chain - A Remanufacturing Case Study

    This paper and presentation discusses the application of Critical Chain methodology to master scheduling for repair of complex military aircraft, a task considered by some to be a daunting challenge within even a sophisticated project management system. The application of Critical Chain to master scheduling of other complex industrial sectors would appear to offer similar benefits as apparrent in this case study in the re-manufacturing sector.

  • Shipyard Case Study

    This chronicles implementing improvement in a privately owned shipyard in 1998 that is undergoing significant turmoil. On the one hand it is striving to maintain its reputation for delivering a high quality product on time while controlling costs.

  • SOLVED: How to Meet Project Due Dates Without Increasing Costs!

    Written by John L. Thompson, this white paper reviews the differences between Traditional Project Management methods and software versus the Next Generation in Advanced real-time Project Management. Understand why Projects do not meet their due dates, the Critical Chain Solution to this problem, the Results and the Financial Value generated by completing more projects without increasing costs!

  • The Distinction Between Manufacturing and Multi-Project

    Written by Eli Schragenheim and Daniel Walsh, this paper discusses the differences between manufacturing versus completing projects. As stated in the article, "Planning the manufacturing floor is clearly distinct from running a project." This article will help to define what the differences are, and why there are different approaches for projects versus manufacturing.

  • The Real Goal_Take the Best Photo_Tuck Today 2005

    Professor Powell announced the assignment with a sly smile. Read an Ops textbook over spring break? But there were slopes to ski, beaches to lounge on, internship interviews to bomb. I pictured myself sipping a fi zzy tropical drink, drawing fl ow charts in the sand with a little paper umbrella (a visualization made all the more painful when I realized my road trip through Delaware and New Jersey would not likely include a Caribbean detour).

  • THEORY OF CONSTRAINTS_A Holistic Approach to Transformation

    First and foremost Theory of Constraints (TOC) must be viewed as an overarching management approach uniquely providing an organization’s leadership the ability of focusing on what is best for the enterprise rather than the individual pieces. One must view an organization as a system, therefore all organizations have two fundamental traits; the individual parts do not act in isolation, indeed they are all interconnected and variability is always present.

  • Why are Projects Late?

    Project Teams are expected to complete Projects before or on the committed due date, within budget and without compromise to the original specification. History shows a pattern of project underperformance, with most projects not meeting one or more of these expectations.

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