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Exepron Training / Certification Workshops

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Exepron Project Management Training/Certification Workshops

If you have 8 or more Team Members who require training, please Contact us to schedule an on-site customized interactive training workshop for your organization. Training events are conducted globally. We would love to hear from you!

Exepron Project Management Workshop Schedule

Session participants will learn how to Plan, Schedule and Execute projects in Exepron, advanced real-time Project Management software. The workshop will include an introduction to the Critical Chain Project Management principles.

Introduction to the Critical Chain principles: Why are projects Late and Over Budget?

  • Agreement on the current project environment
  • Understand why current thinking drives incorrect behaviors
  • Planning a project – there must be a better way!
  • How to build feasible and executable project schedules
  • Learn how to mitigate risk in planning and execution
  • Powerful controls & visibility
  • Impact of multi-tasking and switching priorities
  • Project Portfolio Management: Executive’s use of the Exepron software to track a portfolio of projects:

  • The Portfolio Dashboards.
  • Agreement on the current project environment
  • Network Building: Planning, Scheduling and Executing a Project Portfolio

    Participants are encouraged to bring a current project and will develop a practical and executable project schedule in Exepron.

    Planning a Project – effective Network Building:

  • Defining the Project Objective, Value and Scope.
  • Building project networks with the team.
  • Importance of Task definition to set expectations and deliverables.
  • Scheduling – stabilizing the Portfolio of Projects:

  • Scheduling individual Projects.
  • Creating repeatable templates.
  • Scheduling a Portfolio of Projects based on Value, Risks and Business objectives.
  • Execution – executing projects on Time, within Budget and to Specification:

  • Installing the disciplines of daily updating, and weekly review.
  • Interpreting the Project Dashboards.
  • Understanding how slippage on one project impacts all others and how to recover.
  • Learn how to use Exepron’s embedded intelligence, tools and reports to prioritize timely intervention.
  • CCPM Best Practice - Keeping a Project on Track.

  • Improve CCPM Planning and Implementations using Exepron.
  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM) – Executives use of the Exepron software to track a Portfolio of Projects.
  • Real-time Intervention and correction - navigating Exepron’s 3 Levels of information.
  • Applying CCPM procedures for Project Leaders and Teams.
  • Establish the rules and disciplines of effective Project Management.
  • Effective communication across Departments.
  • Discuss relevant Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Cross boundary Departmental alignment with the Company Strategy.
  • Who should attend the workshop?

    Everyone involved in Projects or Project Management: If you are sponsoring, planning, scheduling or executing a project or a portfolio of projects as a Program Manager, PMO, Project Manager, Key Resource or Team Leader then this program is for you! Stakeholders not satisfied with their current level of Project Management Performance.

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