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IT Information Technology

Exepron synchronizes all projects over a longer time horizon and provides real-time visibility
of the status and risk points of all the projects in a portfolio.

Bimodal Agile IT Information Technology


Software Development
and Hardware Integration

Exepron is a user-friendly cloud-based project management software solution that complements and improves your Agile and Scrum efforts for software development..

Exepron’s agility and Linked project Workflow provides a unique project network structure:

A Master Project provides predictable stability to the Business Objectives and Timeline.
While short Linked Agile sprints enables adaptive, socialized knowledge sharing continually flexing with the emerging software product.

Program Managers and Developers have complete real-time visibility of project progress, Revenue, work-hours and Cost.

Exepron monitors progress and synchronizes the workflow of all projects over a longer time horizon and visibly displays the required intelligence for successful Hardware / Software Integration projects and Software Development projects.


Exepron dynamically synchronizes Resource availability to the prioritized Work Demand

Exepron’s Intelligent Drum schedules and prioritizes the Work Demand and provides a dynamic Resource loading landscape. Clearly displaying IT Resource Type over and under loading. Resource Requirement Planning is both predictive and easy to manage across a portfolio of active and future work. 

Embedded intelligence will identify where to take corrective action

You need an online project management tool for software development that shows you where intervention is needed. Short time horizon tools for the day-to-day and week-to-week work assignments are for the most part quite effective for development, testing and QA. What is not as visible is how well the entire project is executing over a longer time horizon. When individual Scrum efforts are falling behind, it is difficult to visualize and identify the cause and the impact this will have on meeting the Business Plan deliverables and Due Date. 

Exepron's web-based project management software for developers provides the connectivity and real-time visibility on how the individual Agile and Scrum efforts are impacting the Business Plan ‘time boxes” and the final Due Date. With Exepron’s powerful Dashboard tools displaying the emerging high-risk points and Exepron's advanced embedded intelligence identifies exactly where intervention action must be taken.


Exepron is the real-time solution to synchronize your Agile and Scrum activities

Just as importantly, Exepron’s project management software will also show when no action is required. Often software projects are experiencing normal and acceptable fluctuation when intervening may in fact make matters worse. Exepron’s embedded intelligence can distinguish between the exceptional causes requiring intervention and normal variation when no intervention is required.


NeoGrid: Supply Chain Management Solutions and Software Systems Integration

NeoGrid Supply Chain IT Integration - Rodrigo Garcia presents: NeoGrid's solutions synchronize the supply chain of thousands of companies. Exepron coordinates multi-company simultaneous implementations, reduced Baseline Plan adjustment by 30% and increased billable Time and Material by 25%.

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Hitachi Data Systems

After Deploying Exepron: 54% average reduction in product installation time. Hitachi ' Public Safety: Hardware and Software Integration across multiple installation sites. Remotely managed and synchronized from a central Exepron PMO.

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