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Full Service Implementation: Coaching and Training Services

Full Service Implementation Services - Hands-On Change Management including Training, Implementation, Network Building, Scheduling and Execution practices for a Portfolio of Projects.
The shortest path to Sustainable Transformation.

Combining Change Management and Technology to achieve Sustainable Transformation.

Change Management Method

Change Management - JIT Hands-On Training for rapid Transformation and immediate Value.

Project Advanced Learning System (PALS).

  • PALS simulators expose why current PM methods drive and promote incorrect human behaviors.

  • Hands on applied Knowledge: Practical Project Network building skills applied to live projects.
  • Confirming Network feasibility, assess Risk, achieve Due Dates while learning the Exepron Application.

  • Short learning cycles: apply lessons from previous Networks into each successive Project Network.

  • Self sufficient Teams emerge and continue to build effective Project Networks and begin Execution.

  • Teams learn to manage a Portfolio of Projects  by repeating Planning, Scheduling and Execution



Customizing and embedding Standard Procedures and Best Practices:

Establish a Project Management Office  for Portfolio coordination and standardized Core Project Management Competencies.

Addressing Compatibility Issues regarding Measurements, Policies and Procedures:

  • Metrics Review.
  • Review Legacy System potential incompatibility.
  • Review Legacy Business Rules.
  • Deliverable: A competent Team and PMO, Resources, Task and Project Managers ready to apply appropriate Company PM Standard Operating Policies, Procedures and Measurements.
  • Method: Exepron applies an Advanced Critical Chain Project Management method to manage and control expected natural ‘Common Cause Variation’ during Project Execution, with the Adaptability of What-If recovery practices to address ‘Special Cause’ events.
    Exepron's proprietary Method and Applications deliver EarlyWarning, Critical Intelligence and Predictive capability for real-time Decision Making. Exepron provides advanced warning of future Resource Loading for a Project Portfolio, and focuses Managements attention on specific Tasks requiring Immediate Attention well in advance of critical recovery actions.

    The result is effective pro-active management for on-time execution.
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