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Plan, Schedule & Execute Projects!   Why Exepron?

Exepron is a unique, cloud-based Project Management software solution, providing a user-friendly way to Plan, Schedule and Execute Projects on time, within budget and to specification.  Exepron translates into multiple languages.

Multi-Projects:  PPM         Schedule Multiple Projects Multi-Projects

The Dynamic Drum synchronizes the release of all Projects in the Pipeline and schedules the maximum throughput for the entire Project Portfolio in the organization.  Track Work Hours and Costs per Resource Type and Task.

Real-Time Dashboards - Displays Status of Projects   real-time-information

Informational Dashboards provide real-time visibility of all the Projects in a Portfolio and are designed to meet the needs of all levels of Management.

Real Time Information
Critical Chain - CCPM   Embedded  Advanced   CCPM Intelligence

Exepron’s CCPM Project Management embedded Critical Chain intelligence calculates the longest chain of Task and Resource dependency (the Critical Chain), which includes resolving Resource contention.

Critical Chain
Risk Management - Identify where to take Action! Risk Management

Exepron® will pinpoint areas of concern and identify precisely where action must be taken, while there is still sufficient time to recover and meet commitments.

Risk Management
All Industry Sectors     Create Customizable Templates Industry Sectors

Project Management is used in every industry sector. Exepron adapts seamlessly to your industry by providing the capability to create customizable templates.

Industry Sectors
Training Center    Easy To Learn

Exepron significantly accelerates Project Management implementations by combining the software application training, network building and execution into a continuous process to reduce the learning curve and costs.

Easy To Learn

Project Managers - EXEPRON will answer the question everyone is asking…..
“Will the project finish on Time?

During execution, Exepron is forward looking and manages Task and Resource dependency.  Traditional Project Management software records historic or past effort and does not provide the
visibility to effectively manage current and remaining Task durations or Resource contention.
 This results in switching task priorities, instability and ever increasing chaos.


Global Collaboration with unlimited Users with Universal Access



Exepron allows an unlimited number of Users at no additional cost. Project Teams can collaborate with colleagues in real-time to Plan, Schedule and Execute projects from various global locations.
Exepron translates into multiple languages. 

No License Fees, no additional IT Costs 

No license fees or upgrade costs, no User fees, no annual maintenance fees or contracts. Reap the benefits and pay only a monthly subscription fee, leaving the major IT costs to Exepron®

Easy to Learn, User-Friendly with Video Training Tutorials

Embedded just-in-time Training, intuitive Wizards, a comprehensive Learning Center with Tutorials, and short Videos will guide your Team. Exepron’s easy access structure combined with one click navigation is intuitive and user-friendly.


What is Critical Chain Project Management?

First introduced by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt in 1997, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is a relatively new, innovative method for planning, scheduling, and managing performance in a project environment based on Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC). CCPM differs from traditional project management methods such as “PERT” and “Critical Path” (CPM), which relies on completing tasks in a specific order with inflexible scheduling. CCPM is applied in single-project and multi-project environments (PPM – Project Portfolio Management) where resources are shared across multiple projects.

The Critical Chain methodology and CCPM solution includes the following: 

Changing harmful behaviors such as bad multitasking, the student syndrome and Parkinson‘s Law that cause delays during project execution. 

A Project Network or Project Plan.  Task time estimates reflect only the actual touch time, with all safety time or padding time removed. Safety time is automatically calculated and displayed in the Buffers. 

A Project Schedule displaying the critical chain and the buffers. The critical chain is the longest chain of task and resource dependency, which includes resolving resource contention.
A Drum, also known as the virtual drum, strategic resource or integration point. In multi-project environments the Drum staggers, synchronizes and schedules the release of projects in the Pipeline. 

Buffer Management provides process control and visibility. The critical chain method includes a single main project buffer inserted at the end of the longest chain of task and resource dependency and a number of feeding buffers inserted at integration points with the critical chain. Buffers provide an effective early warning signal and will pinpoint where task slippage occurs and timely intervention is required.

Using the Critical Chain methodology, resources are applied to the tasks requiring immediate attention with greater flexibility, resulting in keeping projects on schedule, within budget and delivered on time. Exepron’s CCPM scheduling software is a cloud-based, online solution that can be accessed anytime, anywhere - with just a web connection. For a limited time, Exepron is offering a 30 day free trial of our project management software (no credit card required). Synchronize up to 50 projects, including 15 GB of storage capacity with an unlimited number of users.

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