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Professionals  Love  Exepron

  • "New Product Development - Plasticaucho, Shoe producer located in Ambato, Ecuador. The largest in Latin America (after Brazil), 25 million pairs of shoes sold per year. Plasticaucho, exclusively uses Exepron for New Product Development. New shoe line development produced on-time."

  • "

    BAE Systems Australia, TOC3 Case Study - 9 days to train, install and schedule a years MRO work.  First 6 aircraft delivered significantly ahead of schedule. Some as much as 43% shorter including unscheduled work.


  • "

    Best web application for project management.


  • "LEAN  has  taken  BAE  only  so  far.  It  can’t  do  what  CCPM  can,  which  is  obvious  and  necessary  to  meet  the  on-time  delivery  requirement  for  the  LIF Program."

  • "

    Great application for all project management needs.

    Carlos Lerma from Owner at Ohh Snap! Photo Booth Rentals


  • "

    "To be successful, we had to create a special ‘thing’ inside our market niche, that special thing is Exepron".


  • "Primary Care Management at Children’s Hospital at Erlanger
    I am looking forward to utilizing this methodology as a primary “Care Management" tool for our NICU and in other predictive procedures.
    This approach is much more proactive than Discharge Planning and the current Case Management."

  • "Since we started using Exepron we have much better visibility of our projects allowing better management of our projects. It is very easy to focus the Teams effort to guarantee meeting the due dates. Updating the project tasks and getting real time information of status and managing risk of meeting delivery dates is incredibly simple."

  • "

    Exepron software is one of the best in project management field I ever used (I am working in this field more than 15 years). It is simple yet powerful. Anyone with just basic project management knowledge can start planning a project in minutes and being a cloud based solution it doesn't require any installation. You can even use your smartphone or tablet very conveniently. For organizations ability to see their resource loading is quite an amazing thing to see.
    But the most powerful feature of Exepron is how it handles a multi-project environment which is the stumbling stone of almost all project management software including all the giants in the field. Exepron does that with such an ease and user friendliness that it is on the verge of unbelievability.
    Here you will also find Enterprise Executive Dashboard for managing large organizations with multiple portfolios (unique feature I haven't seen anywhere else).
    For my organization Exepron helped to cut our project lead time in half and market noticed that immediately. Thanks to that we will break our profitability record this year.


  • "SIMPLE,  FAST  to  implement  and  delivers  QUICK  RESULTS."

  • "I have been managing projects for over 45 years. I used to be software agnostic on PM software but no longer since using Exepron. It is the first PM software I've used that is like a phone app-- intuitive, easy to use and easy to get results with. By imbedding the Critical Chain concepts automatically, I can finally get statistical validity in my project plans. My clients love it and have stuck with it and achieved great benefits within the first month of using it.

    Gerry Kendall from TOC International


  • "Using Exepron's real-time informational dashboards,what would have taken 6 months to get Managements Attention and reaction, now takes weeks!"

  • "

    In our multi-project environment, on-time or early project delivery is paramount. Exepron clear shows what is important to focus on, and just as important, what not to focus on, in order to meet our objectives.

    Stewart Witt from Hitachi Data Systems


  • "The group got exactly what they needed at the time they needed it. And, they were impressed with Exepron. I was more impressed than they. They didn't really understand the power of what I saw. Good work, great software, super expectations!"

  • "Exepron played a major role in this turn around. Special Shapes is using Exepron for shop floor scheduling and capacity planning to improve customer service. During the June-December 2015 period on-time delivery to promise date exceeded 98 percent."

  • "

    Exepron has been a valuable tool to improve the material flow at Special Shapes Refractory and improve customer service. The software is easy to learn and simple to use.
    We use many of the standard reports for shop floor scheduling and to prioritize materials based on customer due dates. I recommend Exepron to any organization.


  • "

    The one project management scheduler that allows everybody in the organization to see where the project stands. I like that it shows you when the project is running out of buffer time before the project is late!
    Great set of tools for managing large projects or any projects that has lots of "moving" parts!


  • "

    EXEPRON is an exceptional project management tool that is at its best in a complex multi-project environment where stakes are large and risk is high.   It is hands-down, the simplest and most effective tool out there.  

    Mark Stanley, Why Company Founder

     Helping organizations clarify, simplify and achieve their vision


  • "Given the chaos that most organizations are in, by the time they decide they need to make a change, traditional software approaches only further fuel the anxiety. But Exepron's keep it simple approach and easy to set-up web application help take the drama out of Implementation."

  • "Ellwood National Forge has successfully used Exepron for two years to accomplish machine installations, machine rebuilds/upgrades, new product start-ups, and plant shutdowns. It has proven to be a robust tool to manage our workload and improve our on-time performance."

  • "I was truly surprised how quickly we got results! CCPM  has proven it's not a flash in the Pan. A very common sense approach if applied properly will clear away the clutter and give clarity on what to focus to get fast and reliable results."

  • "Project Results –– within the first four months, 14 projects were started and finished, average duration reduction of 54%."

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Gartner names Exepron a Cool Vendor in Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Exepron is an Enterprise SaaS Solution - Plan, Schedule and Execute a Multi-project Portfolio in real-time!
Understand  how  Exepron's  Advanced  Critical  Chain  Project  Management  Scheduling  Solution  with  predictive  Resource  Management  applies  to  your  Industry.
Exepron offers Implementation and Training Services as part of our Concurrent Implementation approach.
Exepron  CCPM  has  been  used  with  great  success  in  many  complex environments,  including  Manufacturing, 
MRO,  Aerospace,  Information  Technology,  Public  Safety,  Software  Development,  Construction,  Shipyards,  Biomed,  Healthcare,  Engineering,  R&D  and  New  Product  Development.

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Exepron's Advanced predictive real-time intelligence provides visibility and early detection of Task slippage and Resource Overloading.

Exepron reduces the cost and removes the complexity of executing a Portfolio of Projects, making Advanced Project Management accessible to all. 

Exepron's scheduling intelligence calculates shorter project schedules with significantly improved results creating a competitive advantage.


Exepron is a collaborative Change Management application:  apply agile, adaptive processes and procedures to manage the required changes. 

Predictive forward-looking indicators provide visibility of current and future resource loading, schedule risk and a focused priority system. 

Exepron’s Dynamic Drum synchronizes the release of all Projects in the Pipeline and schedules the maximum throughput for the entire Project Portfolio.


Exepron's unique Concurrent Implementation Method rapidly transfers the knowledge and skills to deliver reliable results and increased throughput.

Exepron's Project Advanced Learning System (PALS) reveals why projects are Late and Over Budget, and transfers the CCPM principles.

Exepron establishes effective Project Management skills as a core competency to manage change, create a significant competitive advantage that transforms an organization to sustain growth.

Exepron's Advanced Critical Chain Software Solution provides
Collaborative,  Predictive Business Intelligence for a PMO

Exepron is a Change Management application with a user-friendly way to Plan, Schedule and Execute a Portfolio of Projects in real-time. 
Embedded intelligence provides timely warning and critical information for all levels in the organization.

PERT:  Project Network or Project Plan

Create a Project Network using the PERT view or Table.  Task duration estimates reflect only the actual touch time, with all safety time or padding time removed. Safety time is automatically calculated and displayed by Exepron in the Buffers.

The Critical Chain Project Schedule

Exepron’s embedded Critical Chain intelligence calculates the longest chain of Task and Resource dependency (the Critical Chain), which includes resolving Resource contention and inserts the Project Buffer and Feeding Buffers.

PPM - Project Portfolio Synchronization

The Dynamic Drum synchronizes and staggers the release of all Projects in the Pipeline and schedules the maximum throughput for the entire Portfolio of Projects.  Exepron is a true Project Portfolio Management solution.

Buffer Management - visible process control

The Critical Chain method includes a single main project buffer inserted at the end of the longest chain of task and resource dependency and a number of feeding buffers inserted at integration points with the Critical Chain. Buffers provide an effective early warning signal and identifies where task slippage occurs and timely intervention is required.

Business Intelligence Decision Support System

Exepron's unique Business Intelligence Decision Support System (BIDSS) and the Enterprise Executive Dashboard (EED) addresses the needs of Executives, Program Managers and the PMO for performance, compliance, risk and financial metrics. Real-time intelligence provides interactive metrics for Portfolio performance analysis.

Exepron’s Advanced CCPM scheduling software

Exepron's cloud-based software solution can be accessed worldwide with a web connection. Exepron's user-friendly, forward looking, embedded real-time intelligence removes the complexity of executing a Portfolio of Projects, making Advanced Critical Chain Project Management and Advanced Scheduling accessible to all. 

What is Critical Chain Project Management?

First introduced by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt in 1997, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is an innovative method for planning, scheduling, and managing performance in a project environment based on Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC). CCPM differs from traditional project management methods such as “PERT” and “Critical Path” (CPM), which relies on completing tasks in a specific order with inflexible scheduling. CCPM is applied in single-project and multi-project environments (PPM – Project Portfolio Management) where resources are shared across multiple projects.
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